PenUin is the missing link between consumers and the entertainment world. There are many websites that are geared towards connecting consumers with entertainers for performances, hosting, and appearances, but that's where the connection ends. PenUin is geared towards the "hidden" services that are often over looked by many 3rd party companies in reference to entertainment. Musicians and Vocalists often lend their talents to other entertainers for a fee to boost the consumers appeal in their respected crafts. PenUin will give these consumers a chance to purchase talents through it's easy, straight to the point, interface. (Example: If an up-and-coming artist is looking for a feature that would help his career but has limited funds, PenUin will easily guide the artist to "star powered" entertainers in his/her price range. Then the budding artist can choose from the list of artist in that price range for that specific service (verse, hook, drop, etc...) and book the artist using PenUin's database calendar system. additionally, while other apps and websites cater to specific types of entertainers,PenUin is not limited to only one specific genre of entertainment, it incorporates almost every type of entertainment talent for hire; i.e recording artist, DJ's, comedians, actors and actresses, etc. Our virtual database calendar approach provides entertainers to have a "hands on" involvement, control , and a personal touch in providing consumers a real time availability status for the purpose of further exploiting their services for hire and generating additional streams of income.