PenUin is a mobile application company owned and operated by founders Julius Hudson and Denyzio Laboy. 

PenUin began as an idea from CEO Julius Hudson to solve the problem of connecting independent unsigned artists with known entertainers. Along with business partner, Denyzio Laboy, together they have streamlined the process through the PenUin app. Knowing that some unsigned artist need assistance from notable musically established artists, PenUin was created to fill this void and bridge this connection. The current process for consumers to contact entertainers is a very long and tedious process. From finding the artist's contact information, to waiting on an email reply just to find out that the artist is too busy to service you, is out of your price range, or moreover, the artist misses out on an opportunity because other parties ( Manager, agent, record label) will turn you down because they are not getting their piece of the pie. PenUin has solved this problem with it's integrated database calendar system and simplistic interface. The entertainment industry is a very lucrative business and PenUin will be at the forefront of the new wave of booking solutions and all other aspects of services that an entertainer may offer.